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Redécouvrir le céleri (French Article)
Thursday 01 March, 2012

Ricardo Magazine – Volume 10 – Number 6 – June 2012

In this issue, the magazine focuses on a vegetable rarely found in cooking shows: the celery. Ricardo visits Denys Van Winden, celery producer in one of our farm partners to learn more about this culture in Quebec. 

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Eric Van Winden
Delfland récompensée pour la gestion de ses travailleurs (Article available in French only)
Tuesday 22 March, 2011

La Terre de chez nous – Céline Normandin – March 21, 2011

“Good agricultural practices are not only to improve performance or to ensure quality and land preservation. They also concern labor relations in various agricultural businesses” Céline Normandin questions Eric Van Winden, responsible for the workforce at one of our partner farms: Delfland Inc. (Article available in French only)

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Vendre sa salade (French Article)
Monday 21 March, 2011

La Presse – Pierre Duhamel – February 21, 2011

“We are at Vegpro International Inc., the largest vegetable producer in Canada, a company that has 500 employees, with revenues of $ 100 million and sells each week 500,000 trays of mixed salad greens in supermarkets of Eastern Canada and the United States, from Ontario to Florida. That’s a lot of salad.”

Pierre Duhamel questions Gerry Van Winden, President Vegpro International Inc. (Article available in French only)

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Vegpro met plus de RH dans sa salade (French Article)
Thursday 17 March, 2011

Les Affaires – Marie Lyan – December 17, 2011

Chantal Teasdale, Director of Human Resources at Vegpro International Inc., explains the strategy used by the company to ensure its development: Building a strategic plan for human capital management. (Article available in French only)

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Vegpro International Inc. (French article)
Tuesday 01 March, 2011

Producteur Plus – Léonard Pigeon – April 2011

It is in the making of a comprehensive essay, illustrated with beautiful pictures that Leonard Pigeon focuses on the unique history of the company. He describes in detail the history, daily operations and major challenges of today’s Vegpro International Inc. From land preparation to shipping the mixed greens trays, nothing is forgotten. (Article available in French only)

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Business updates: Quebec Produce
Thursday 25 March, 2010

The Packer – Cynthia David – June 25, 2010


QPMA and CPMA join forces on French PLUs

Importers shipping produce to Quebec with bilingual Price Look-Up stickers can now consult a list of French names approved by the Quebec Produce Marketing Association and the Canadian Produce Marketing Association.

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UPDATED: CPMA reports record turnout in Vancouver
Friday 19 March, 2010

The Packer – Chris Koger – May 19, 2010


VANCOUVER, British Columbia — Attendees at the Canadian Produce Marketing Association’s 85th annual convention and trade show raved about the location near the water at Canada Place, and a record turnout suggests that, coupled with the business opportunities at the show, was a successful combination.

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Cultiver l’échalote, pour le pire et maintenant pour le meilleur (French Article)
Tuesday 13 March, 2007

Le Devoir – Philippe Mollé – April 13, 2007

Philippe Mollé focuses on the culture of the Dry Shallot at Delfland. It traces the history of the farm, and how, little by little, the famous shallot became the specialty of the family farm. (Article available in French only)

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