Salad Mixes

With our pre-washed lettuce mixes, we offer a wide range of greens to color your meals. Seven varieties are offered in sizes of 5, 11 and 16 ounces

Avec nos mélanges de laitues prélavées, nous vous offrons un grand choix de verdure pour colorer vos repas. Sept variétés vous sont offertes en format de 142, 312 et 454 g.

Baby kale blend

Ingredients: Baby kale.


Spring Mix

The Spring Mix contains 7 to 10 varieties of baby lettuces and brassicas. Its palette of colors and flavors makes this mix the most popular with our consumers

Ingredients: Spinach, green and red romaine, green and red oak leaf, lolla rossa, mizuna, green and red lettuce, arugula, Frisée, radicchio and tatsoi


Baby Spinach

Remarkably nutritious, the baby spinach shows a tender texture and a strong flavor that can be enjoyed in countless dishes. To be consumed raw or cooked, they adapt to the tastes of both young and old.

Ingredients: Spinach


San Marino Blend

San Marino Mix is mixed greens subtly blended with tasty arugula. The slightly zesty flavor highlights the colors and textures of the other young leaves in the mixture.

Ingredients: Arugula, Spinach, Lollo Rossa, Mizuna, green and red Leafy Lettuce, Tatsoi, green and red oak leaf, green and red Romaine



Traditionally consumed in southern Europe and the Mediterranean, baby arugulas are slightly peppery with a hint of hazelnut. Highly appreciated by gourmets, they go perfectly with the traditional Italian dishes.

Ingredients: Arugula


Half n’ Half

Specially developed for our customers in Florida, the Half‘n Half combines the variety of spring mix and the unique flavor of spinach leaves. This delicious blend will brighten your table.

Ingredients: Spinach, green and red romaine, green and red oak leaf, lolla rossa, mizuna, red and green leafy lettuce, Frisée, radicchio and tatsoi