Vegpro International Inc.

 Largest fresh vegetables producer in Canada.

Founded in 1998, Vegpro International Inc. is the largest fresh vegetable producer in Canada.

Specializing in the packaging of baby lettuces, we also sell a wide range of vegetables grown on our own land. Read more





Our Products


Vegpro International Inc. has made it a priority to offer the freshest and highest quality vegetables. Either our baby lettuce blends or our commodities (lettuce, carrots, onions, etc.), we strive to offer the best possible products.

Our commodities are available throughout most of the year, thanks to the lands we cultivate in Quebec, British-Columbia and Florida. Our storage, grading and packing equipment is at the cutting edge of technology. This enables us to meet the highest quality requirements.

We offer a large range of baby lettuce blends and ready-to-eat salad kits under our trusted Fresh Attitude brand. To discover all we have to offer, you may visit our Fresh Attitude website.


Don’t miss our newest addition to the Fresh Attitude family : our new meal salads with chicken available in two delicious flavors, caesar and southwest.

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Our Fresh Attitude brand

Logo Attitude Fraîche


Fresh Attitude is Vegpro International’s trademark. Its green, gold and black logo symbolise our promise to our consumers: help people to adopt healthy habits by offering high quality and delicious meal solution made from fresh lettuces, fruits and vegetables.

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Join our team!

Are you seeking challenges and do you want to achieve your career ambitions? Vegpro offers a dynamic and innovative working environment.

Come and visit our careers section to learn more about job opportunities and the benefits we offer.


North-American Coverage

Thanks to our facilities located in Quebec, British-Columbia and Florida, we have a unique geographic advantage. We can produce our own fresh vegetables all year long and optimize delivery times to all of our North-American clients.

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