Quality Assurance

Assurance qualité 1Our commitment

Our commitment to our customers, suppliers and consumers is to do everything possible, with all available means, to produce, maintain and preserve healthy and safe products for consumption. This is the mandate for all employees from Vegpro International Inc. and its divisions, without exception.

Our goal is to provide consumers with produce that is fresh, tasty and good for the health, prepared in a clean and safe environment in order to preserve its integrity and freshness.

Vegpro International’s commitment to the food security policy is unequivocal.


GFS Initiative

LogoPrimusGFSIn keeping with our quality and safety policy, we apply the standards of the market: CFIA, FDA, USDA, LGMA and C-TPAT (reception, storage and shipping).
In addition, we adhere to the GFS initiative since 2012. This initiative applies to all levels of our production, crop growing to shipping.

Here is a diagram that describes our commitment to the GFS initiative:


PrimusGFSTM Certification

The PrimusGFSTM Certification is recognized by the GFS initiative program that we obtained throughout our journey: agricultural production, reception, storage, shipping, packing and packaging. PrimusGFSTM requires that we comply with the following programs:

  • GAP (Farms) and GMP (Packing Plant)
  • HACCP Compliance System
  • Product Testing Program
  • Internal and external audits
  • System Management and Quality and Food Security Programs
  • Traceability and Recall Procedures
  • Vendor Approval Program

Logo AzzuleAzzule LogoAlso, we are part of the AzzuleTM Program environment that allows our customers, through a common database, to access various information on our audits and certifications.