Frequently Asked Questions

What is the shelf life of our lettuce?

Since there are no preservatives in our lettuce, it is suggested to follow the best before date to take advantage of their nutritional properties and freshness.
For blends containing chopped romaine lettuce, it is best to consume the content within 48 hours once the container is opened; for our other lettuces we recommend 3-5 days after opening of the container.


Are Fresh Attitude products free of any nuts?

A closed and controlled area of our plant is used for the packaging of our products containing nuts. We apply measures and rigorous cleaning procedures to minimize the risk of allergen propagation.

Should Lettuce be washed?

As soon as our lettuces are sent to our packing plant, they are pre-rinsed, then bathed in two different water basins and finally, rinsed again. There is no need to rewash.
However, please be careful when handling them, keeping in mind that this is a product harvest from nature.

Are our lettuces organic?

Our lettuces are not organic apart from our organic range.

Do our lettuces contain GMOs?


Where do we grow our lettuce?

Our lettuces are sown directly in our fields of muck soils. During summer in Quebec and winter in Florida.

I found dirt on my lettuce, is this normal?

Since our lettuces grow in our fields it is possible, that due to heavy rains, dirt sticks to the leaves and despite the baths and rinsing, it stays.

I found a bug in my bowl, what can I do?

You can put it aside and rinse your lettuce with fresh water and dry them well before eating. Insects are not toxic; some are even great allies against smaller insects detrimental to our cultures.

Why does romaine lettuce turn red-orange?

Chopped romaine lettuce reacts with oxygen. They say it oxides. This is a natural reaction. We control the proper oxygen level in the bowl until it is opened.
That is why we recommend you to enjoy quickly.

What are the plastics used for the Fresh Attitude products?

-bowl:               PET
-Insert:             PET
-Film:               OPET and PET
-Fork:               polypropylene

Can the containers be recycled?

Yes, they are 100% category 1 recyclable and we greatly encourage you to do so.