Our Facilities

The East Coast advantage

Thanks to the four founding farms and our corporate farm (Vert Nature), we sell the vegetables we cultivated ourselves. This provides us with many advantages:

  • An optimal level of quality for the vegetables we sell
  • Increased food security through a comprehensive program that includes farms, plants and shipping docks
  • A maximum freshness from our packing plants located at the heart of our land
  • A quick adaptation to the market needs (R & D, testing cultivars, permanent readjustment of the crop program)

Our farms and packing plants are located in southern Quebec as well as Florida. This geographical position gives us an advantage over other companies from the American West Coast. Thus, we provide our customers the ability to:

  • Get year round supplies
  • Reduce the delivery time to 3 days maximum
  • Benefit from competitive prices through cost optimized transport
  • Reducing our overall energy footprint.
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