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CTAQ – Gerry Van Winden, Food Industry Personality 2019

Posted by:Émilie Chenevier, Tuesday, April 09, 2019

It is in front of more than 400 guests at its annual Conference held from March 22nd to 24th, that the Québec Food Processing Council presented the prestigious award of the Food Industry Personality for 2019 to Mr. Gerry Van Winden, President and CEO of VegPro International Inc.

The adventure of Mr. Van Winden in the salad business began at an early age while he was working in the family business with his brothers and many cousins. It was in 1998 that he took over management of the family business and founded Vegpro International Inc. where he is President and CEO. Vegpro is, today, the largest producer of fresh vegetables in Canada. Specializing in cultivating and packaging tenderleaf lettuce, the company also markets a wide range of vegetables grown on its own farms and lands.

From the outset, the entrepreneur’s vision has been to supply his retail customers year round. He did not hesitate to invest heavily in Québec and Florida lands in order to produce on a large scale and provide its plants with different types of mixed lettuces with unsurpassed freshness. He also did not hesitate to build factories equipped with automated machinery able to wash, sort and pack on a very large scale, as well as provide complete traceability of its products by strongly reducing the risk of contamination.

Innovating, listening, questioning norms and standards of doing things are the guidelines that inspire the actions and decisions of Gerry Van Winden.

The Food Industry Personality Contest is intended to honor the great merit of a person who allows the Québec food industry to reach new heights. Applications are submitted to a jury that designates which of their peers, is deserving to receive this recognition.

The Council of Quebec (CTAQ) food processing is a consolidation of the strengths of the industry which represents 11 associations. Its mission is to ensure representation, promotion and defend the interests of its stakeholders and support them in achieving their full potential to ensure the sustainability of the food industry in Québec.